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Tuesday Magic Item – Map of the Territory

18 January, 2022

Orkney MapGollaon sprinted after the assassin. “Come on we almost have them!”

Voddick did his best to keep up, his crossbow cocked and loaded.

Gollaon rounded a corner and slide to a halt, a large piece of paper gently wafted towards the ground in front of him.

“What?” half asked, half demanded Voddick as he followed, crossbow quickly aimed at the moving paper.

“Thrice damn him to hell!” shouted Gollaon.  “Back to the Royal quarters and hope we are not too late.”

Voddick spun and began running back the way they came and Gollaon followed behind as the map settled to the floor behind them.

Map of the Territory

These maps are a recent invention, though their source is unknown, they were widely used before their secondary function was discovered.  Now they are still used but much more carefully and their creator is even more avidly sought out.

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