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Tuesday Magic Item – Carmenta’s Book

11 January, 2022

Learn the alphabet or make your own!Voddick watched in fascination as the young scribe added another new ideogram into the book.  “I would have thought it would be filled by now,” he whispered to Gollaon.

“I suspect it would be, were it not enchanted,” replied Gollaon pouring a cup of tea.

“Of course, I should have noticed,” said Voddick.  “I have already seen more pages than could possibly fit in that book.”

Gollaon nodded and handed Voddick a cup of tea.

Carmenta’s Book

These book are very rare, only a few exist and they are prized by their owners, they are slim but tall volumes marked with the owner’s initials marked on the front, changing to match the local language.  The pages are a rich cream color and take ink exceeding well.  The book is, perhaps surprisingly, resistant to almost all damages.

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