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Tuesday Magic Item – Boxed Kitchen

4 January, 2022

BoxVoddick glanced into the wagon and quickly hurried on.  “I know why the meal wagon always has excellent food for those willing to pay,” he said, sotto voice, to Gollaon.

“Indeed?” ask Gollaon looking toward the wagon.

“A kitchen box, one of the larger ones.”

Gollaon raised an eyebrow.  “Then no more eating well.  I do not trust those boxes.”

“That is just . . . I do not either.”

Boxed Kitchen

These boxes come in several sizes (each increasingly valuable) and they can be made of wood or metal or a mix of both and they are often decorated with culinary scenes.  The boxes are sturdy but surprisingly light until they are used, then they become surprisingly heavy.  They are used bu opening them, adding food, usually raw and then closing them.  Precisely an hour later, a meal will have been prepared from the ingrediants provided seved on simple dishes unless better were provided.

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