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Of Siroccos and Sky Skiffs – A Petrichor Campaign Report

2 December, 2021

Having shattered the seals and released the Demon Lords influence out upon the Sea of Stars, which has had several knock-on effects on the games I run on Friday nights as well -which has been awesome- the characters escape as quickly as they can from the ziggurat as harsh, dry winds and clouds of locusts (and maybe other things) rush past them.

zigguratmenThe ziggurat is trembling with the titanic forces unleashed, Pedr and Lorrend climb up through the upper levels which are abandoned, there is no sign of Erisham the Shedu or Elsbeth, they burst out into the air as things flood out around them (though the flow has diminished).  Lorrend and Pedr, accompanied by the demon in Visse form Anatu, descend the stairs on the outside of the building as the “sky becomes as black as sackcloth” above them.  They see a small sky skiff fight its way to a landing at the base of the ziggarat, four people pile out and charge up the stairs. Read the rest of this entry ?

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