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Coraxin (Ravenkine), a new Beastkine, for Dungeons & Dragons (5E)

28 November, 2021

die_rabenballade_by_shandria“Born as scavengers, we are seen as symbols of death and misfortune, not helped by our dark sisters who truly bring death and destruction in their wake.  We are what we are, travelers and scholars, watchers and gatherers.  We see you.”


The origin of the Coraxin species is told by their legends, but cannot be independently confirmed, however it seems likely this is the truth.  The take runs that an unkindness of ravens had gathered in the snowy forest, hoping to find something to eat, when there was a flash and a crash and suddendly, freshly slain meat!  Once they regathered after the initial shock, they set about consuming this unexpected feast and as they did so . . . they changed.  Becoming the Coraxin.  It is assumed the flesh they consumed was that of one, or more, of the fallen gods and the remnants of divine power uplifted the ravens into the Coraxin.

The Coraxin evolved on the far rim of the Sea of Stars and have never been numerous, though their numbers have slowly grown.  They travel in nomadic bands that act as merchants, messengers and entertainers.

Coraxin are wanderers and often distrusted but at the same time welcomed as they bring news and interesting items from distant places.  They have an uneasy relationship with the Ba’aikire, who also share a kinship with ravens, the Coraxin call the Baikire “Dark Sisters” while the Baikire call the Coraxin “Little Birds”.

Coraxin Traits

Your Coraxin character has a number of traits in common with all other Coraxin. Read the rest of this entry ?

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