History Resources for your Game [5]

17 November, 2021

A variety of interesting articles about history that have found recently that you can use to add depth and texture to your game world or just to expand your general knowledge.  I use them for both.

A long walk for a drinkThere are more ways to catch fish than nets and lines, the Pacific North West tribes built extensive fish traps along the coast.  These fish traps were extensive and suddenly forgotten due to a terrible set of circumstances.  But a fascinating technology for harvesting fish.  Is your campaign set along a coast?  Is there a place there for fish traps?  If so, would any of the cultures there be likely to use them?

Though sometimes your concern is with water, in Indin they used to use step wells to gather and store water.  There is a concerted effort to reclaim and rebuild these unusual and fascinating water storage systems.  Is water a concern in areas of your campaign world?  What strategies do the people there use to store and conserve water?

This is a fascinating article about the Zone Rouge, the area of France still deemed too dangerous to visit because of abanded Great War munitions and toxins.  Interesting enough on its own, but noted in there is the fact that certain types of plants can tell you what sorts of minierials are in the soil.  Yes, prospecting with plants!  It would be a neat “secret technique” for exploring druids, perhaps an order that is tied to one of the Dwarven cultures?  Are there any areas due to the aftermath of war or other reasons that are unsafe to visit?

Dogs and people have been living together for millennia, and we have shaped many dog to fit very niche need.  This article looks at some of the vanished breeds whose purpose vanished and, as happens, so did they.  The story of the evolution of our current types of dogs is interesting and a bit sad as so many other types of dogs were left behind, lost in the mists of time.  Though a turnspit dog might make a fine familair for a wizard who specialized in culinary magic.  What sorts of dogs are there in your campaign?  Does any culture specialize in creating exotic dogs?

Did you know that there are abanonded buildings and even entire towns in the US Nation Parks?  Here are a few of them.  Great place to set a horror game or perhaps for a supervillain to hide their secret base.

Hope this have you thinking   Have you found any intriguing or fascinating history you would like to share?  If so, please do!

Notes: Photo by Dharani.prakas, found on Wikimedia Commons and used under the Creative Commons CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication

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