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Tuesday Magic Item – Peacemaker’s Baton

16 November, 2021

Keep the Peace“Why are we escorting the envoy again?  They are protected by a peace banner and that fancy baton,” grumbled Voddick

“Because we are mercenaries and ultimately expendable,” answered Gollaon cheerfully.

“Ah, right, all the pay, all the glory,” said Voddick.

“Not enjoying the sellsword’s life?”

“Not at the moment, if we had not been rushed out without breakfast, I would be in a cheerier mood.”

Peacemaker’s Baton

These batons can be short of long enough to serve as banner pole, depending on what is traditional among the culture that made it, but must are small enough to be easily held in one hand.  They are usually made of light colored materials to be highly visible and decorated with symbols of peace.

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