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Tuesday Magic Item – Bureaucrat’s Brush

2 November, 2021

Brush&MonkeyVoddick watched the official turn to a new page and tried not to sigh.  Pretending to turn his attention back to his book.  “It cannot be too much longer, can it?” he asked quietly.

Gollaon lounged against a wall.  “It will be done when it is done, trying to hurry it will only cause delays.”

“I know, we have officials like this back in my home too.”

“They are everywhere, it seems, as though generated by the laws of bueaucracy itself.”

“A sad truth.”

Bureaucrat’s Brush

These can be brushes, quills or pens, or whatever else is used as a writing tool in a particular culture.  They are well made and subtly decorated to show the owner’s status without being gaudy..

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