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New Monster – Star Cat

19 October, 2021

lion coinThese creatures are philosophers and explorers, curious to learn about new people and worlds.  What they do with that information is unknown, however they are deadly enemies of the Lrueoc and seek to have them destroyed whenever they learn of them (though reluctant to confront them directly).

A proud lion-sized cat, its dark blue fur decorated with constellations.  It opens its mouth and says, through gleaming ivory teeth, “What are your thoughts on the immortality of the soul?”

Star Cat
Large monstrosity (from beyond), lawful

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Tuesday Magic Item – Star Cat Ring

19 October, 2021

To see the universeGollaon leaned against the wall and watched as the young student engaged in deep debate with . . . a star cat?  So they had said the being was called.

“Can you follow what they are saying?” whispered Voddick.  “I understand some of the words but the concepts are beyond me.”

“It is a deep philisopical debate on the nature of how do we understand the world around us,” replied Gollaon.  “I can make out that much but only that much.”

“It does not seem our skills as bodygurd will be needed, however,” added Voddick.

“Just as well, that cat seems dangerous for a philosopher.”

Star Cat Ring

These rings are made of precious metals and set with a stone that envokes the stars, rarely there is a cat motif involved but the interior is always inscribed with magc sigils.

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