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Where to Find Me at GenCon 2021

13 September, 2021

Should you wish to, first review my advice to those going, then look below:

I will be working  in the exhibitor’s hall for Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) as usual, and we should have banners up, but you can find us at Booth 903.  Right now my schedule looks something like this:

Thursday, working in the booth 11am-5pm.

Friday, working in the booth 11am-5pm.  And from 6:30pm – latish, you will find me in the JW Mariott helping with AEG’s Big Game Night (BGN).  I will be busy but if you want to come and learn one of the recent AEG games, drop by after 9pm and you can join in and play (though not get any swag unless you already have a ticket).  As it winds down, I will have more free time, though you may have to talk with me as I check and pack away demo games.  In any case, feel free to drop by.

Saturday, working in the booth 11am-5pm.

Sunday, last day, working in the booth 11am-2pm. 3:30pm on.

GCmaskSpotting me in a crowd!  On duty I will be wearing an AEG t-shirt and mask.  My hair (pulled back in a pony tail) and beard are mostly white, and I am an average height slightly overweight white man, so, yeah, I will not be that easy to spot.  However, I intend to be wearing these lovely masks made for me by my wife when not of duty during the Con. Photo attached for reference.

Beyond that, who knows?  But I arrive late Tuesday to help with setup on Wens.  So drop me a note if you want to try and meet up, I am sure we can work something out.

In any case, to all those going and not going: Have fun and play more games.

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