August ends, September begins

31 August, 2021

It is magical!As we move into September, the seventh month of the Roman calendar, and get closer to fall (in the northern hemisphere at least) and longer nights.  September does not seem to have any particular ties to myth or tradition among the Romans, however, as Seven is usually viewed as a magical number, magic and spells will be the theme for this month.   Please let me know if there is anything you would like to see.

I will be back at GenCon this year, working for AEG as usual, so if you are there drop by the AEG Booth and say hello!

August, 2021, saw the following posts here:


20 Quick Questions: Rules from Necropraxis.

The Tale of the Misapperaing Cat, with a newish monster.

New Magic Items

Ashinole’s Diplomatic Cape, be protected beyond your status.

Aztra Windrose’s Matchmaking Goblets, makes an arranged marriage more likely to work out.

Gran Sugarfoot’s Comforting Tea Set, there, there, dear.

Old Irik’s Ring of Bargains, be careful what you agree to.

Vasizek’s Painting Kit, make beautiful things in new ways.

Campaign Reports

Once Upon a Time in 1968 – Issue 8: Threat of the Star-Gazer, Parts 1 & 2


I am starting a Shadowrun podcast!  Come and explore how to shape your Shadowrun campaign to be a unique world.

If you like what you have read here in the journal, please support my Patreon, which makes it easier for me to create more things for people.

Notes: Image “Magic” by Bohman is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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