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Tuesday Magic Item – Chain of Justice

22 June, 2021

Justice“I know courts seek truth and through it, justice,” said Gollaon, “but I always fear that the system is crafted to keep those in power, well, in power.”

Voddick nodded. “There is some truth to that but this one is good at getting the truth and all must submit to the same test.”

“There is at least some balance,” said Gollaon pondering.  “But still,the system will tilt toward the powerful.”

“That will always be true but with a good advocate, there is the opportunity for justice to emerge and that is more than many systems offer,” said Voddick.

Chain of Justice

These chains are heavy and usually decorated with a medallion bearing a symbol of justice, scales being common.  It does not force confession or self incrimination when used but does compel truth making it a powerful tool but one limited by how it is used. Read the rest of this entry ?

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