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Tuesday Magic Item – Compass of New Worlds

11 May, 2021

Lead the way to adventure!“Well, good bye city life, hello new lands,” said Gollaon as the breeze ruffled their hair.

“I was enjoying city life.  A variety of ales and meats makes me quite happy,” said Voddick, only complaining a little.

“Well, there will be new ales and new meals as we travel,” said Gollaon leaning against the ship’s rail.

“Of the later, I have no doubt, the former . . .”

“Have we traveled anywhere where there was not some sort of ale, beer or wine?”

“Not yet, but there is always a first!”

Compass of New Worlds

These compasses are rare, having originally been made for the god of exploration, the design survived and has been replicated by they are challenging to build.  They are ship’s compasses made of fine materials and kept in sturdy and warded boxes to keep them from harm (and malign influences). Read the rest of this entry ?

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