Oneiromancy and Oneiromagi in the Sea of Stars (A to Z)

17 April, 2021

The power and influence of the realm of dreams in the Sea of Stars waxes and wanes, like all of the Other Realms is partly warded away by the magic of the Empress, but it is such a nebulous realm that it can often slip through the cracks of reality.

Seeing beyondOneiromancy is the practical of divination and prophecy through the study and analysis of dreams.  As it was for all other methods of divination and prophecy, it failed to predict the draconic assault on the gods.  There are rumors and fragmentary reports that the night before the dragons launched their attack, that the dream-seers were overwhelmed with dream images of dragons, destruction and blood but by the time there were awake and able to vocalize what they saw, the Gods War was already engaged.  What warning they were able to sent likely just added to the confusion and it is widely believed (among the oneriromancer community) that it was a deliberate ploy by the Empress to further unbalance her enemies.

Oneiromagi are wizards who specialize in the magic of dreams while some also are oneiromancers, others just weave dreams into reality and shape other peoples’ dreams.  Dream and illusion magic is closely intertwined as both mix magic with reality and play with perceptions and how to to shape them.  Their schools and traditions were heavily disrupted for a generation after the Sundering both from the general disruption of the realms and from the early period of the Empress’ wards.  But dreams are always with us, so the traditions survived and new schools emerged from the survivors of the old.

Oneriromancers suffered a lack of confidence in the decades following the Sundering (as did all fortune tellers and diviners) but, like their counterpart, they were able to recover and find new people willing to learn the art as there were new people seeking to understand their dreams and how said dreams may effect their fortunes.  Though oneriromancy is unusual as it requires those who wish they fortunes to be told to reveal quite abit about themselves, what they have dreamed, who the people who were in them are, perhaps details they would not wish shared with others.  To allay the fears of their client, most oneriromancers are willing to take binding oaths not to reveal certain things they are told to others, some require these oaths to be backed by visible magic.

The oneriromagi have many schools and traditions but there share a common, hidden thread, a hatred of the dragons, especially the Empress.  This dislike is not helped by the fact that most of the dragons dismiss dream and illusion magic as ephemeral and weak.  While there are many types of oneriromagi they share a loose network, being able to communicate via dreams helps, and information can pass very quickly -if with some distortion- through the world of dreams to the magi.

Oneriromagi specialize is the magic of dreams, naturally, which blends with the magic of illusions and, to a lesser coincidence, enchantments and charms.  They are generally city magi, needing dreams to work with usually requires people around to draw dreamstuff from, but occasionally they can by found in far flung places that are close to the dream realms, there may even be a few secret gateways to the dreamlands still in existence.  Should you need to venture into the dreamlands, your only hope may be to contact one of the oneriromagi.

Notes: Dreams are a fun playground for the occasional surreal adventure and dreams that imply prophecies may be ways to draw characters into contact with with groups.

Images “Dreaming” by Agnes_F is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0.

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