Juniper Jadeivy, Inquisitive (A to Z)

12 April, 2021

They know what you are planningAll elves in the Sea of Stars suffer from the Lack, something they are missing.  As the world is not whole, the elves who are tied to it cannot be whole either.  Sometimes, this holds them back, sometime it inspires they to follow new paths.  You can read more about the elves here.

Juniper Jadeivy, Elven Inquisitive

Quote: You have just arrived from Trevilli?  By starship, yes?  It was easy to work out.

You need to know who stole the prince’s crown?  That sounds like a challenge that I would be willing to undertake.

Magic makes discovering somethings more difficult but that is no reason not to try.

Description: Juniper is slender and a little below average in height for an elf, their hair is a pale blond and eyes a pale grey.  While slender, Juniper is athletic and fit, though that in not immediately obvious.  They wear their hair short only occasionally letting it grow out.  Like most elves, Juniper’s age is hard to pin down.  Their voice is well modulate and careful to fully enunciate everything clearly.

Juniper gravitates toward practical clothes in neutral color for everyday wear, but will bow to local convention when necessary.  Jewellery is only worn when required as they find displays of wealth distasteful.  Juniper is also a master of disguise with a keen eye for fashion and local quirks of dress.  However, whenever possible, Juniper carries an assortment of small weapons, powders and others concealable trick on their person.

Background: Juniper was a rare fifth child to a elven family and deeply loved by their family and siblings.  While it was known the Juniper had a Lack, they were unsure what it was until they were an older child, Juniper is totally lacking in shame.  Nothing embarrasses them, no question is out of bound, no subject so outre to prevent them from studying.  However, such an attitude rubbed against the traditional nature of the elves, besides, Juniper found people and their interactions endlessly fascinating so as so as they could, they moved to a town to live with an uncle and soon from there, to a city with cousins.  Juniper love nothing so much as watching, studying, learning from people, and has become a superb mimic of voices and accents.

While working with various -increasingly distant- family members, Juniper acquired a competence with a wide spectrum of skills, fluency with several languages and even more dialects, and understanding of people and dress.  Juniper was able to put this to use to discover who was stealing valuable cloth from a tailor, success there lead to catching a jewel thief and then a poisoner.  Suddenly, Juniper has in demand as a consulting inquisitive, a role that fit them perfectly.

Presenting this Character: It depends on how the characters run across Juniper, it is possible that they may have met them several times before meeting Juniper as Juniper due to their love of disguises and skill at such.  Juniper likes to observe people that they are likely to work with or employ before making that first contact, seeking to understand a bit about them when they are not on their best behavior. 

Juniper is likely to become involved in the characters’ lives in one of two ways: As an employer or ally, working with the characters to solver a crime because the characters have needed skills or knowledge required for the solving of the case.  As an adversary, when a crime is being investigated by Juniper and the characters are suspect -justly or not- in the crime.

If the characters are specialists in some area, Juniper may seek them out to learn particular esoteric information from them (“Can a cobra cat be milked?  Can its poinon be made into a blade venom?”) or their knowledge about someone (“Has Kavaril the Silver even shown mastery of necrourgic magic?”) or someplace.  Juniper prefers to trade information for information but will buy with money or other goods if needed.

Juniper corresponds with inquisitives across the Sea of Stars, as one of the very few widely roaming inquisitive they have met and worked with (and occasional against) many other investigators and inquisitives.  Indeed, it is said that Juniper refused an offer from the Empress to serve as an Imperial agent, as they prefer to take any case that interest them rather than what may be assigned, but that might just be a rumor.

Of course, it is entirely possible for character to get to know and befriend or ally with (or become rivals to) one of Juniper’s many alternate identities.  Which could lead to confusion or even heartbreak down the line.

What can they do?: Juniper is skilled in an exceeding wide variety of mundane skills but none such much as disguise, acting, mimicry and observation.  Juniper can melt into almost any role, no matter how exalted or how low, their lack of shame proving to be highly useful in a surprising number of roles.  Juniper’s agile mind and mental discipline have allowed them to master the arts of reasoning through to a solid conclusion.

Juniper magical skills are minor, but their knowledge of what magic can do is quite deep and they can work wonders with minor magical devices and effects applied cleverly to the problems at hand.

While apolitical, Juniper has a deep, if hidden, sense of justice, seeking that only those truly guilty of ill-intent are punished and acting to shield those who are innocent or acted from a righteous motive.  This is not widely know as most criminals are, indeed, people who deserve to be caught.

Who might know them and why: Anyone interested in the art of the inquisitive may have head of the nearly legendary Juniper Jadeivy.  When they are working in a city, knowledge that they are there tends to get out after they have solved a few cases.  Perhaps the character know someone, perhaps it was even themself, that Juniper helped to prove that the character was innocent of some crime.

Juniper is a wide correspondent and seeks to meet and learn from any inquisitive they meet.  If you are in this business, perhaps your paths have crossed.

If you are a criminal, perhaps the scheme of one of your friends or allied was rumbled by Juniper’s investigation.

Plot Hooks: You are at a society event when an inexplicable murder happens, Juniper is there as well, do you help or hinder the investigation?

Juniper was responsible for the arrest of someone that has information you need.  Perhaps Juniper has learned it as well or can help you get to the person before they are executed/exiled/imprisoned.

You are the only expert of [insert field here] in the local area, Juniper asks for your aid in solving a perplexing crime.  The authorities suggest that helping in such a case would be a good ‘career choice’ for you.

Notes: Yes, very much the Sherlock Holmes of the Sea of StarsInquisitives and Investigators were discussion back on Saturday for additional information.

Image found on a search for “Elf Detective” artist, source and license unkown, if you can help with any of those, please let me know.

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