Superheroes – Once upon a Time in 1968 – Issue 6 – Continuing Oodness

4 April, 2021

Several months after Issue 5 (but shortly after the 1967 Holiday Special).

Cover:  Our heroes back to back surrounded by thugs with elctro-blasters.

Its Chinatown, HeroOpening page:  The team observing Blue Lotus Import/Export in New York’s Chinatown. “So, tonight is when it goes down?” asks Roboto.

A page detailing what has been going on: Shadowfist and 808 have confirmed that Miss Ood is working with the Black Dragon Triad and they think that a new shipment of out of dimension materials are coming through this Wednesday night.  Vulpix has been studying the every expanding number of paranormals, especially supervillains, active in the New York area.  Roboto was investigated by a Diamond Industries team for possible use in improving industrial robotics.   Horizon keeps practicing his control, learning more about what he can do but still feeling unsure about his control over them.

The heroes are in position, Shadowfist enters through the front door of Blue Lotus Import/Export.  Horizon and 808 are watching the loading bay from a nearby rooftop while , Roboto and Vulpix is observing from above on 808’s airship.  At 11pm precisely there is a flash of blue light from inside the warehouse portion of the Import/Export building.  808 gets readings of a dimensional gate opening and then closing from his ship.  Inside Shadowfist sees Miss Ood, a shapely woman in a black long coat and wide brimmed hat, and Big Brother Tsinn, one of the local Triad leaders, overseeing the transshipment.

Watching they see Triad soldiers with Electroblasters keeping guard while workers load grown boxes, that look like giant seed pods, and blue “plastic” crates which 808 recognizes as coming from from Jaaipuur.  Roboto plunges into the midst of the loading from the dirigible and smashes three crates, causing valuable electronics to explode around him.  Three Triad soldier turn their Electro-blasters on Roboto and caught in the crossfire, he smokes and falls over, temporarily overloaded.  808 quickly teleports Rooto’s still form to the air ship before he can suffer further damage.

Shadowfist leaps out of hiding to engage but finds the Triad leader, but he is more than ready for her and fall into a Cobra stance to confront her kung fu.  Horizon drops in using his powers to insert boxes between the Triad leader and Shadowfist before her can counter attack.  Miss Ood vanishes in a swirl of her coat.

808 phases in through a wall . . . unfortunately right next to a guard who blasts him.  Shadowfist leaps over the crates to pummel the Triad boss.  Horizon blasts the guard who shot 808 and then a black gloved hand slaps him on the back, attacking a black device to him, and Horizon’s vision goes black.

Ship sends an alert to let 808 know that it has been breached.  Roboto begins his restart protocol and as his vision resolves from static, he sees a red shadow slipping in through the main hatch of the ship.  Back in the warehouse, the Triad leader draws a pair of wicked looking knives.  808 uses his light power to destroy the device blinding Horizon.  Horizon draws power into himself, shaking the crates near to him as he does so.  Shadowfist disarms the Triad leader of one knife and he reacts by tossing the other blade into 808 and bolts.

808 uses his control over light to reveal Miss Ood, as a violet silhouette, Horizon blocks her escape route with filing cabinets.  Shadowfist moves to try and capture Miss Ood and drives her toward the open area in the middle of the warehouse, where Miss Ood reaches into her sleeve and produces a device and presses a button.  In response, all of the electro-blaster start to glow and whine as they have been switched into overload and will explode momentarily.

On the ship, the Red Shade, a Soviet superagent, is revealed by Roboto turning up the lights in the ship.  The Red Shade drives an electro-probe into the control panel of the ship, causing purple lightning to flare over the surfaces of the ship and it lurches.  Roboto uses his connection with machines to try and help to stabilize the ship while Vulpix engages the Red Shade directly.

808 teleports the overloading electro-blasters up into the air where they explode like fireworks.  Shadowfist dives to protect Miss Ood from the explosion, who rolls with Shadowfist.  Miss Ood ending up on top and she drops her hat onto Shadowfist and then folds up like a piece of paper and vanishes.  Vulpix drives the Red Shade out of the ship which slowly stabilizes.

808 brings the Ship down and starts loading the out of dimension technology into it, getting most of it before the NYPD arrive.  When 808 has a chance to investigate Ship, he finds the dimensional drive and interdimensional radio is damaged.  He manages to get the interdimensional radio mostly repaired.

Sharp eyed readers will have noted a smaller, doll sizes, figure, entering the Ship with the Red Shade who is not accounted for.

End of Issue 6.

Notes: Moving forward 808’s main plotline and giving them their first actual sighting of Miss Ood.  Red Shade bedeviled the LA Stars back in Vol 2, issue 3 of their comic.

Photo from a old postcard, legal status unknown.

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