Superheroes – Once upon a Time in 1967 – Holiday Special – White Christmas

25 February, 2021

Winter in New York CitySeveral months after Issue 5:

Cover:  One corner of the 1967 Holiday Special featuring the Freedom Five shows the team waving with a Christmas tree in the background.

Opening page:  “It is Christmas time in New York”  Showing the team walking down Fifth Avenue in their secret identities.  “I like your festival of lights,” says Bob.

Shadowfist has been teaching 808 Mandarin Chinese so that he can work on the investigation in Chinatown and try to track down Miss Ood with some success and some frustration.  Vulpix continues her training, works with her uncle and the charities her family is associated with and continues avoiding her cousin.  While Roboto has been helping the Professor trying to work out what went wrong with the project to create Computo.   Horizon cautiously works to master his powers, as away from people as he can get in NYC, as he is still worried about accidentally causing destruction and injury.

Our heroes are out on the town at midday, enjoying the snow and decorations.  When they see a young woman in a blue and white costume ice skating down the street on ice she is generating from her hands.  She is heading towards an armored car.  Vulpix remembers that there have been a string of armored car robberies recently and freezing was involved.  As the team learns that, the young woman circles the armor car, which is stopped at a red light, freezing it in place and four thugs, including a large man with a massive sledge hammer, pile out of a car from behind the now trapped armored car. 

Good for braking thingsOur heroes spring into action.  Vulpix and Shadowfist act to contain the traffic while the others move to intercept the villains.  Roboto, as his his want, charges into to mix it up with the thugs.  They may be strong and have sledge hammers but they are no match for Roboto’s servo-powered strength, 808 makes sure that the driver and guard are safe while Horizon seeks to stop the ice skater.  Shadowfist and Vulpix both notice that the ice generator moves like someone who has been trained in classical ballet.

Roboto disarms and otherwise disable the minor thugs just in time to be encased in ice.  The ice girl is then pinned down by Horizon’s gravity powers.  Shadowfist and Vulpix keep the cars and trucks from any disastrous crashes.  808 checks the main box of the armored car and finds only money, no guard there to be endangered.

It takes Roboto sometime to escape from the ice, the man with the sledge is able to get a blow in on armored car before Horizon disarm him.  He pulls a pistol from under his jacket only to have the ice projector freeze it in a block of ice shouting, “No guns!  You promised!”  The heroes quickly knock him out and the ice projector surrenders.

The ice projector, who asks that they call her Ice Dancer, explains that the man with large hammer is her uncle, Abe “Sledge” Southman and that he convinced her to use her power to get money for her mother’s cancer treatment.  She never wanted anyone to get hurt.  After some discussion, they turn Sledge and the goons over to the police but Ice Dancer has “escaped”, really they spirit her away to talk with Jack Diamond who promises to get her mother the best medical care in return for Ice Dancer learning how to be a hero and being on call for emergencies.

Final page is the team along with all of the other teams (Heroes Inc, the New Atlanians, the L.A, Stars) wishing the readers a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

End of Holiday Special.  Read Issue 6 now.

Notes: While done a little after the holiday season, it was still fun to do an adventure loosely tied to the holidays.  Ice Dancer was an important character to introduce, as it is the first time they have encountered a teen paranormal beside the members of the team.

Upper photo uploaded by ASR and found on Pinterest, legal status unknown.  Lower photo edited from “Homemade sledge-hammer, St Petersburg, Russia” by gruntzooki is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

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