Questions for Characters venturing into the Sea of Stars – Kinship and Kine

25 January, 2021

Home is where the house isInspired by Judd the Librarian’s questions, I decided to write up a few questions to help people think about their characters.  I did a section of questions based on character class, now time for some about their culture and kin in the Sea of Stars:

For All:

What sort of family did you come from?  Did you leave on good terms?  Could you go home?  Do you want to?

Did you have a pet growing up?  If so, what was it?  If not, did you want one?

What is you favorite childhood memory?  And your greatest childhood fear?


Did you grown up among you own kin or among others?  Do you feel out of place among those who are not your kin?

Do you feel a tie to the animals from which you were uplifted?  Or are you uncomfortable around them?  Are there other animals that make you nervous?


Which dragons do you serve?  Do you serve willing?  Do you embrace Dominae or secretly reject it?

Do you stand closer to dragons or humankind?  Why?


Do you know of giantic blood that was you heritage?  Or did its traits just emerge one day?  Have you always been larger than most?  Did your heritage cause you problems growing up?

Have you learned about the fates of the giants?  If so, how do you feel about the fall of your ancestors?  If not, do you seek them?


What is you kinline?  Do you fit in?  Do you find dwarven tradition reassuring or stifling?

Why did you leave the dwarven holds?  Do you plan to go back?


What do you Lack?  Do you embrace your difference or does it cause you pain or both?

Do you hold to elfin ways or seek a new path?  Have you ever visited one of the hidden sacred groves?  If so, how did it make you feel?  If not, do you want to?


Were you raised among elves?  Humans?  A mix?  Do you fell more drawn to one side of your heritage or another?

Where, if anywhere, do you feel at home?


Have you always known of your tainted blood? If not, when did it emerge?  Do you embrace or reject your dark heritage?

What diabolic secrets are whispered to you in your dreams?


What makes your culture unique?  Do you think it makes you better than others?  Worse?

Is there anything that make your people physical distinct from other humans?  If so, what is it?  If not, do you wish there was?


Do you believe in the Sen’tek cause?  Do you wish to see the dragons brought low?  If not, what are your goals?

What do you think of your cousins the Visse?  Innocent dupes, collaborationist cogs or evil servitors of the Dragons?

The Visse serveVisse

Did you grow up in the Homelands near the Capital or someone else?  If your family part of the Imperial Bureaucracy?  Another bureaucracy?  Something else entirely?

Do you fear the dragons?  Respect them?  Love them?

Notes: A good list I think, hopefully inspiring to thought and consideration.

Also a contribution to this month’s RPG Blog Carnival hosted at Plastic Polyhedra on the theme of Characters, Stories, and Worlds.

Upper photo “Fotografi, ‘Home’, Lysabild” is licensed under CC BY 4.0, lower image “Tile depicting a lady and her servants” is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.


  1. I think these serve two main purposes at least: to tie the characters to the world, and to add some richness and depth to them in the process.

    • Such is my hope. And I hope it give people some new angles to approach their character from.

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