Superheroes – Once upon a Time in 1967 – Issue 5 – Gorilla Guerilla

14 January, 2021

Shortly following Issue 4:

Central Park in better daysCover: A group of heavily armed gorillas storming forward with our heroes giving ground.  “Can our heroes stop the onslaught of the savage simians?!”

Opening page:  “Deep in the heart of . . . Central Park?!”  It shows a very Kirby-esque glowing gate with ape silhouettes passing through.

808 and Shadowfist have been following up on the mystery of Miss Ood who definitely seems to operating out of China.  While Roboto has been, with the help of Diamond Industries, deflecting offers from the US Army to become an active service member but the Army is persistent.  Vulpix continues her training and avoiding her cousin.  Horizon starts to rebuild ties with his friends, cautiously as he is still afraid of his own powers.

Janice Trades, of Heroes Inc, relays a call from the Central Park Precinct of the NYPD to Agent 808 asking for help with a strange situation, several large ape=like creature have been spotted in the part and they seem to be armed.  808 manages to get in touch will all of the team but Vulpix and gather them in his dirigible.  They fly over Central Park and see the armed apes moving through the trees, apparently searching for something.  Our heroes drop from the sky and find a group of gorillas, wearing helmets and bandoleers of ammunition and carrying gun that look like up-scaled Thompson sub-machine guns.

The leader of the gorilla growls at the team and looks to one of the other gorilla who is carrying an odd machine and wearing glasses.  The gorilla in glasses makes an apologetic shrug after trying to adjust the machine.   Roboto moves to disarm one of the gorilla and a struggle begins, the apes are obviously not trying to harm the heroes and move around them, but are not willing to be captured either.  Some equipment is destroyed and a grenade goes off but, apart from a few trees, damage is minimal.  Unfortunately, them seem to be heading straight for the building where Vulpix‘s family has their penthouse!

Vulpix joins the rest of the team as they confront the gorillas again.  The combat seesaws back and forth as the gorilla attempt to storm the building until finally the gorilla with glasses is able to get the translation machine working again.  “I am Warmaster Zogg and we are here on a mission from the United Ape States to capture a dangerous war criminal!” announces the leader of the gorillas.  As soon as he does so, two of the windows of the apartment under the penthouse open and red headed men lean out and open fire with strange energy weapons on the gorillas.

Our heroes take down the energy weapon wielding men, who are revealed to be orangutans when their holo-disguises are damaged.   Their leader, who also has an odd energy weapon attempt to flee to the interior of the apartment when there is a massive Kirby-esque machine but he is captured and revealed to be the Count D’Ister, an orangutan war criminal who vanished after the Second Continental War on Ape World.

The machine is a dimensional portal, which Warmaster Zogg and his Savage Simians plan to use to take Count D’Ister and his guards to face justice.  808 agrees to destroy the machine once then have crossed back.  Zogg thanks the heroes for their help and the ape people cross back into their proper dimension.

End of Issue 5.

Read the Holiday Special for 1967.  Or pick up Issue 6.

Notes: The Savage Simians are a homage to Sargent Fury and his Howling Commandos, while the Count D’Ister is a nod to their enemy (and later head of Hydra) Baron VonStrucker.  I had totally meant to have Vulpix’s cousin appear get in the way but just forgot.

Photo Tree in Central Park by Constantine Manos and is used without permission.

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