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Tuesday Magic Item – Pelican Medallion

17 November, 2020

Do they really?“The young queen is most admirable,” said Voddick, “to spend time among her wounded soldiers.”

“She understands what being a leader is about,” agreed Gollaon.  “Showing that you are willing to share danger with your people, being with them rather than hiding with luxuries.  It is good politics.”

“True, but I hope it is more than that.”

“I think it does, she is giving of her own life’s blood to heal some of the worst wounded,” said Gollaon.  “Like the Pelican, who gives its own blood for to feed its young.”

“I did not know that.”

Pelican Medallion

These medallions bear the image of the pelican wounding itself to feed its young, they can be simple or highly decorated.  They are warm and welcoming to the touch. Read the rest of this entry ?

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