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Tuesday Magic Item – Death-Eating Gloves

13 October, 2020

“The commander’s duelist seems twitchy and pale,” said Voddick quietly. “Not a good combination. Addiction or curse . . . or both?”

Gloves to die for

“Both I fear,” replied Gollaon equally quietly. “I finally managed to get a good look at his gloves. Necromagi work without a doubt.”


“Almost certainly,” agreed Gollaon. “We need to make a plan to remove him from the board before he turns into even more of a monster.”

“Alleyway ambush?”

“That usually works,” nodded Gollaon.

Death-Eating Gloves

These gloves are made of fine grained leather dyed a dark color, red and purple are common but black or blue are not unknown. They are close fitting, almost as a second skin. To those knowledgeable of such things, the gloves are obviously made of the tanned skin from a human or similar being.

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