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Tuesday Magic Item – Shade Manifesting Ring

6 October, 2020

Shadow of life and deathVoddick leaned heavily against the wall of the stairway. “If we never see another killer shadow, it will be years to soon.”

“Agreed,” said Gollaon wiping the blade of his sword with a blessed cloth. “But I suspect their master cannot have many more of them to throw at us. Such magic consume their user.”

“Well, let us finish this. Any using such foul magic deserves to be slain.”


Shade Manifesting Ring

These rings are usually made of some mix of bone, ivory and silver, usually tarnished black, with skull or other death motifs common. To the wearer, they feel warm and then can sense the flow of their blood, other others, it is as cold as a frozen corpse. Shadows seem to gather improbably around the wearer.

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