Shadowrun: Krime Katalog (for SR5 and 6WE)

20 August, 2020

Shadowrun: Krime Katalog is an Equipment Book for Shadowrun, for both the 5th and 6th World editions, detailing the new offering from Krime! Mostly weapons and weaponry support but now with vehicles too! Krime always verges on the too silly for my tastes but the book has a lot of interesting equipment and ideas in it, so it is still quite useful even if you strip away the trapping of the Krime and players always like new weapons and vehicles to play with.

Shadowrun: Krime Katalog, is an Equipment Book for Shadowrun, Fifth and Sixth World Editions, having mechanics and statistics for both. Providing weapons and beyond from the company Krime that specializes in weapons and equipment for larger metahumans.

It begins with an introduction to the Krime Corporation which may or may not been started by former Shadowrunners and their meteoric rise to success as providers of weaponry scaled to orks and trolls, with the implication of some shady business deals and a lot of luck propelled them to their initial success.

Then, the new weapons, starting with personal weapon ranging from a holdout pistol and moving up through size and destructiveness ending with a rocker propelled grenade launcher. One of the things I found most interesting was the writeup of a T-shirt cannon, that has some fun uses. The weapons are interesting if occasionally, well, silly and some of the art of the weapons is absurdly impractical. Some players will like that, some not so much. But there are a lot of interesting ideas even if you choose to use them in a different form.

There are a few vehicular weapons, heavy machine guns, rocket launchers and anti-drone optimized grenade launchers. Then new weapon accessories, ammunition (laser rounds! Basically fancy tracers) and grenades. Certainly things that can be adapted and that players will have fun with.

Next, introducing Krime Motors! With offering ranging from troll and ork scaled subcompacts to massive 10-ton prime mover trucks, a “fishing” boat and even a tankette (a single person tank)! Some fun and interesting vehicles.

Lacking is a single compilation of weapon and vehicle statistics and which specific skills (or specializations) are used with each of the weapons. But overall a strong product with a lot of good ideas . . . as long as you do not find Krime a little too cute and beloved by its creators (as, well, I do).

Notes: The link above is a affiliate link and I will get a small amount if you purchase through it.

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