Superheroes – Once upon a Time in 1967 – Issue 3, Part 2 – the Menace of Computo

13 August, 2020

"We are ready to go."Part two following directly from Part One:

Opening page of Part Two:  The cockpit of a B-52 somewhere above Alaska.  “We are go.  I hope this is just a drill.”

Next page: The team as steel plates slam down and seal off the building.  “You have forced me to accelerate my plans,” echos the voice of Computo through the room.

“What are you doing?”

“It is time for the age of the computer to begin, within fifteen minutes, a global nuclear war will begin and the age of humanity will end,” announces Computo.

“We will stop you!” shouts Shadowfist as a squad of robots surges into the room.  The robots are quickly dispatched not only are they outmatch by our heroes but Vulpix realized that their control signal can be jammed rendering them inactive.  Having overcome the robots, they descend into the sublevels of the building only to find various deathtraps waiting for them!

[The resolving the deathtraps required each character to make a custom move: Overcome Deathtrap!

Roll using Freak or Superior, -Number of Conditions:

10+ Describe how your powers allow you to overcome the trap with style.

7-9 You escape the trap, but only just. Choose one:

*Mark a Condition *Lose something or take an injury, surely this will not cause problems later *Use a teammate to escape, putting them into danger

6- You are trapped and must be rescued.  This also had the option for this session “You are captured by Computo and start the final confrontation as its prisoner, take Potential”]

Shadowfist is caught in an electrified net in the first one and whisked away.  As the rest of the heroes pursue they must overcome grabbing robot arms, pits, flying spikes and other classic death traps.  Because that what villains do in the 1960s!

MekanoThey finally burst into the secret sub-level which is lined with wiring computers, spinning reel of magnetic tape and blinking lights.  In the center is a screen projecting Computo flanked by two large war robots.  A clock ticks down towards doomsday.  Off to one side, Shadowfist is gagged and held by metal rings to a steel table.

Battle is joined!  Horizon warps gravity to free Shadowfist.  Roboto charges into direct action against Computo’s screen and the attending war robots.  While Vulpix and 808 look for ways to shut down the system.  All of these tasks become harder as a wave of robots arrive.

Shadowfist manages to use her martial arts to distract and disable the robots, mostly keeping them away from the others.  Horizon’s smashes one of the war robots into the ceiling.  Vulpix tries to disable Computo’s broadcast link while 808 tries to disabe the other war robot.  Roboto turns to raw destruction in an attempt to shut down the system, especially after he is informed that he will serve as a prototype for improved robots once he is captured.  Soon, the entire underground complex is consumed in explosions and smoke as the Computo’s systems are overloaded.  808 manages to get a broadcast out over the system which, without the false data being fed into the system by Computo, leads to the SAC standing down and nuclear war is averted!

The team escapes, rescuing the unconscious lieutenant and guards on their way out, as the building is consumed in flames.  They are thanked by Colonel West, who also informed them that everything they saw is classified and they are not to talk about it without permission fro the US Air Force.  The finally two panels are a bank of hundreds of black phones hooked into Data-Phone modems slowly melting in the flames and the last panel is “Thousands of miles away” and a teletype printing out “Computo, Iteration 2.”

End of Issue 3.  Grab Issue 4 from the rack

Notes: Big issue here where our team saves the world and no one gets to know about it.  Next issue, I intend to turn things back to teen angst and more everyday problems. Will Computo show up again?  Probably . . . but not in the near term.

Upper photo the lower deck of a B-52 Stratofortress U.S. Air Force photo illustration/Master Sgt. Lance Cheung, found on Wikimedia Commons, this image or file is a work of a U.S. Air Force Airman or employee, taken or made as part of that person’s official duties. As a work of the U.S. federal government, the image or file is in the public domain in the United States.  Lower image Mekano by Daniel Irizarri.  Image originally found at Project: Rooftop (which seems to have dropped offline, luckily the Internet Achieves still has it).

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