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Tuesday Magic Item – Honorary Colonel’s Uniform

28 July, 2020

Dressed to command“I am not sure if I approve of military command being given just because of royal ties,” said Voddick quietly.

“The Lieutenant-Colonel handles most of actual command,” replied Gollaon.  “They are more here for inspiration and as a sign of royal favor to both the noble and the soldiers.”

“Well, I can see a willingness to risk the dangers of battle being somewhat inspirational,” agreed Voddick.  “As long as they do not take too many risks.”

“The Lieutenant-Colonel will make sure of that, believe me.”

Honorary Colonel’s Uniform

These uniforms are always of the highest quality, with the finest fit and exquisite tailoring  They are modeled on the uniform of the unit that the honor colonel is technically in command of, but better and more stylish in almost every possible way.

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