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Tuesday Magic Item – Revolution’s Crimson Banner

14 July, 2020

To the fight!Gollaon looked out the window.  “The crowds are gathering and they do not seem happy.”

“Time to take our charge and leave,” said Voddick as he finished packing.  “It will not be a good time to be a noble in this city if I am reading the political winds correctly.”

“I fear you are correct, best to flee the storm rather than try and weather it,” Gollaon grabbed his cloak and bag.  “Shame, I was enjoying the theatre here.”

“We can find other theatres.”

A hue and cry when up from the not to distant crowds.  “Right you are.”

Revolution’s Crimson Banner

These banners are often roughly made, and contrary to their name can be of any color or design, but they usually express a desire or concern of the people who made it.  The banner is deigned to inspire and support those seeking change or redress of wrongs.

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