Superheroes – Once upon a Time in 1967 – Issue 2 – Robot Raid and Supernatural Spook

1 July, 2020

Following up from the first issue of the Freedom Five:

IBM HQ c. 1967Cover: Split cover with a robot tearing a hole in a wall on one side and a bat-winged man with burning green eyes on the other.  “Can our heroes overcome threats from super-science and magic!?”

Opening page:  Our heroes outside of IBM headquarters in Armonk, NY, where a huge hole has been torn in the side of the building.  “Well, we know the thief isn’t subtle,” says Shadowfist.

Next page (“previously”) has the various members of the team doing things:

  • Roboto observes that Prof Van Dyne has been particularly withdrawn and working on some secret project lately. He also learns that the IBM HQ in Armonk was raided by a humanoid robot who stole some prototype circuitry. R Richard Robertson is using it to show how all robots (“like that menace here in NYC, Roboto”) are a danger.
  • Agent 808 (“Bob”) has been contacted by Jaiipuur Central, they have reason to believe that there is some extra-dimensional smuggling going on so he should be on the lookout for OoD (Out of Dimension) technology showing up.
  • Vulpix‘ uncle convinces her, and she convinced her teammates, to model for Pierre Cardin‘s upcoming show in NYC.
  • Horizon is approached by Mirella, the younger sister of your paralyzed best friend, sought him out and asks him to visit her brother Ion.  But Horizon cannot face it and does not.
  • Shadowfist finds that Master Wu is driving her particularly hard and being very unforgiving of her mistakes in training lately.

Taking Bob’s dirigible they go to investigate the raid on IBM headquarters.  Finding US Army investigators already there they try and find out more.  The only description of the robot attacker is from a few people who were working late and some blurry photographs but it seems similar to but larger than Roboto.  It tore through the walls like paper, grabbed all of a set of experimental circuitry used to connect control systems, got into a big truck, possibly an army two and a half ton truck, and was driven away.  They investigate further and find clues that a witness that indicated the truck was heading north towards (perhaps) where the project that led to Roboto’s creation was.

Returning to NYC, they visit Prof Van Dyne, who is worried as several of his fellow scientists who survived the attack on the Computo Project have gone missing over the last few weeks.  The team plans to investigate further in the future.

Cardin FashionPart 2: Pierre Cardin’s Fashion Show!  The show is going well, everyone is enjoying themselves, Cardin is pleased with how the heroes show off his designs.   When, crashing through the skylight is a bat-winged figure with glowing green eyes and the room is submerged in shadows.  He points to one of the guests, “Give your necklace to me, Doctor Demonicus, and you may leave with your life.”

The crowd, mostly, panics as the heroes move to engage the villain.  Bob’s light powers fail to work as the magical shadows consume the light as quickly as he generates it.  But Roboto’s raw strength is effective, knocking Doctor Demononicus into a wall but the supernatually charged villain is far from out.  Vulpix and Shadowfist focus on getting the crowd to safety, even as banners fall and tangle the fleeing people.  Horizon pits his gravity powers against the supernatural with limited success.

Frustrated and outmaneuvered by the teen heroes, Doctor Demonicus dissolves into shadows and withdraws.  “You have not heard the last of Doctor Demonicus!” his voice echoes as he vanishes.

There are some bruises and crapes among the crowd but they file back in for the end of the show.  The woman confronted reveals the necklace, which is Byzantine work, with emeralds and gold and agrees to have it stored safely.  The team gets some nice shots of them in action from the fashion shows cameras broadcast on the news.

Prepare for more adventure in Issue Three!

Notes: Second online game, went fairly well, setting up plot thread for the future and, of course, you need to have a fight in a superhero comic.

Top Photo Aerial via of the IBM headquarters buildings found on Wikimedia CommonsThis image is in the public domain in the United States because it only contains materials that originally came from the United States Geological Survey.  Bottom one from Pierre Cardin‘s website and used without permission.

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