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Tuesday Magic Item – Collar of Deadly Reversal

16 June, 2020

Be safe, my petGollaon paced around the body, it was not a pretty sight.

Voddick shook his head,  “Unpleasant.  Some sort of foul magic?”

Gollaon nodded.  “If I am not mistaken, his own turned back upon him.”

Voddick looked again.  “In that case, he probably deserved it . . . evil feeds upon itself and all that.”

“Indeed, not let us make sure there are no more threats.”

“If there were, that should have scared them away,” Voddick said with a gesture to the body.

Collar of Deadly Reversal

These collars are always well made and often exceedingly fancy, hidden on the interior are an extremely complex set of interlocked protective runes.  They are only made for small and mostly harmless pets, nothing bigger than a small spaniel does to the nature of the magic involved which requires that the subject be comparatively harmless.  The person who puts the collar on the pet can (almost) always find it, feeling a gentle tug toward the pet and collar’s location.

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