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Tuesday Magic Item – Ring and Bookmark of the Poet

2 June, 2020

Pure silver, pure poetryGollaon rode alongside the young poet and their companions, listing but rarely speaking.

As camp was being set up, Voddick came over to Gollaon, “It is not like you to be so quiet, my friend. Are you intimidated?” he teased.

“No, just trying to find the rhythm of the group, it is not worth disruption the poet’s . . . weave to satisfy any of my desires for recognition.”

“You are most in love with this poetry,” laughed Voddick.

“It is spectacular, I am glad it is being written down,” Gollaon replied, a bit snippy.

“Someone has a good memory?”


Ring and Bookmark of the Poet

These paired items are created together, the decoration of the ring is echoed in the bookmark and vice versa.  It is said the patterned subtly change over time, reflecting the personality of the wearer.

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