Superheroes – Once upon a Time in 1967 – Issue 1 – Crimes and Crashes

27 May, 2020

With the current situation, our regular gaming has gotten quite disrupted.  We have been moving things online via Discord and Roll20, Google Hangouts and such.  It is trickier playing online and I feel that much of the ease of role-playing is lost but it is better than nothing.

We did our character creation session about three months ago, so now the first issue of the Freedom Five:

Cover: The team in dramatic poses with a silhouette of the NYC skyline behind. “Introducing America’s newest heroes!” is emblazoned across the bottom.

Opening page: Vulpix and her uncle, le Renard Noir, are looking out over Central Park from the family’s penthouse.  “So, Vulpix, you need to get your new team organized.  Show people what they can do under your leadership.”  Luckily le Renard Noir cannot see Vulpix’ expression of pure panic.

Hell's Kitchen RooftopsShe contacts the rest of the team, using the communicators provided by Bob, and they meet to practice in an abandoned fruit warehouse.  There is some discussion about what to do and how to best present themselves to Vulpix’ uncle the next day.  They are discussing a team symbols and battle cry when they hear gunshots.  They see an old brownstone and out of the window a thug in carried on an impossibly long arm which drops him into a garbage can.  Shadowfist checks on the thug, finding him unconscious.  Just then, bursting from the front doors are five thugs with clubs and bags followed by a man in a sharp suit and wide brimmed hat, it is Andre “Stretch” Jackson and his Flexible Morals gangs.  Roboto charges in and clotheslines two of them, grabbing one of the bags.  Horizon gravity grabs another bag.

Those character that live in the neighborhood (Horizon, Roboto and Shadowfist) know of Stretch and his gang, they call themselves the Flexible Morals gang because they prey on the wealthy and on the mobs (when they move into the neighborhood) and give back part of the money to the locals.  Stretch steps forward and negotiates, he does not want a fight and they can all agree the Mob being here is bad.  He agrees to turn over two of the bags on money to the team, the one’s the heroes already have (one also has two Saturday night specials in it), and give away some of what he has and they can part as . . . not enemies.  The heroes investigate and find a Mob numbers running room, another unconscious thug, and some sort of drugs stomped into the floor.  Our heroes call the cops, after tying up the two mobsters, and skedaddle.  The money they drop off at a local church and Roboto destroys the two pistols.

The next day, the team gathers at a park in the Bronx.  le Renard Noir is there with his private cook and staff, having laid out a nice lunch for the team and a less impressive spread of snacks for the onlookers.  le Renard Noir is discussing with the team how important successful teamwork is, referencing World War II and his exploits then.  Before things have gone too far, a small plane comes into view, its engine sputters and dies and it starts to descend unevenly.  “Vulpix, take charge!” shouts her uncle.

Cesna 320“Bob, get up there and see if you can help!  Everyone else with me, we will clear a landing zone,” she shouts.

“I can help with the plane,” says Roboto, Bob grabs him and flies up followed by Bob’s dirigible.

Vulpix and Shadowfist move back the crowd while Horizon focuses to gather his powers, should they be needed.

Roboto leaps onto the plane’s wing and tears open the door.  The pilot looks out.  “The controls just went dead.  I have five passengers.”

“Take my hand,” Roboto hands off the passengers to Bob who gets them into his dirigible.  The plane is still descending at a steady rate, Roboto tries to us his ability to ‘interface’ with the planes electric systems but they are totally dead and when he attempts to activate with a jolt from his internal power system, he just causes a huge puff of black smoke.  The plane is accelerating as it comes closer and closer to the park.  With the passengers safe, Roboto moves to remove the fuel tank, which he does along with part of the aircraft . . .

Horizon uses his gravity powers to catch Roboto and the fuel as the plane careens into the park and smashed into a tree.  But without fuel, the collateral damage is minimal.  Roboto drifts down and is released a few feet above the ground, the fuel splashing and killing the grass but no more than that.

The crowd erupts in cheers and shouts.  Bob unload the pilot and passengers.  le Renard Noir congratulates them all, but especially Vulpix and Roboto, and offer to get the team new costumes which Bob objects to as he has an official uniform.

The issue ends with a big picnic in the park.  But what happens next?  Find out in Issue Two!

Notes: We are still getting used to Masks, which is a wonderful system, but things went fairly well.  Should have had more things for the non-flyers to do during the airplane rescue but lesson learned.  Weirdly, the crash was an actual thing that happened in our world, a plane just fell out of the sky and crashed into the park.

Building photograph Charles Von Urban / Museum of the City of New York. 33.173.355.  Used following MCNY guideline.

Cesna 320 photo by Tomás Del Coro from Las Vegas, Nevada, found on Wikimedia Commons, license CC BY-SA 2.0.

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