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Queens and Quislings (A to Z)

20 April, 2020

An ambush?  Of royalty?When the dragons took over, they quickly enforced their will and design of the various polities now under their rule.  There was more than one king who thought his family’s dragon slaying sword and armored retainers could dispose of such an affront . . . almost all of them were mistaken.  Suddenly, many kingdoms found themselves ruled by Queens (or Queen Regents or several other variations), the dragons had no problem dealing with a woman ruler, their highest ruler was a female after all.

Some of the Queen made deals with their dragon rules and changed their line of decent into a matriarchical succession or matrilinealial inheritance (or both) often having odd repercussions throughout their society.  But, as long as the dragon ended up with a stable royal house that followed their dictates, they usually did not care about such disruptions to the previous order of things.

Now, those that bowed to the dragons when other fought them . . . the survivors remember who betrayed them and sold them out to the new draconic hierarchy.  Revenge killings, assassinations and blood feuds were common for the first three or four generations after the Sundering but they they mostly died out.  The heat of passion cooled.  But some noble houses still have long standing, and often deep, rivalry and opposition to each other that date to this division.

There are also no lack of secret societies that were founded to purge draconic loyalists and take back their lands from the dragons.  Most of these have descended into social clubs and other forms of organization but a very few, in their secret inner circle, keep the dream of a dragon free land alive.

Notes:  Q is always tricky but then I remember Quisling.

Image Queen Facua’s triumph; King Famis on his way to Laurentum; Hercules and queen Facua in Laurentum. National Library of the Netherlands. Public Domain Mark.

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