Pets and Privilege (A to Z)

19 April, 2020

What animals can you find?Dragons, unsurprisingly, considered themselves at the top of the pyramid of beings in the Sea of Stars, all other creatures and beings are lesser things who should acknowledge the greatness of the dragons.  For some dragons, they do this by collecting pets of various types, the rarer and more dangerous the better.

Such creatures as wolves, bears, lions are the usually basic pets, dragons are drawn to their fellow predators.  But many seek far more dangerous, more impressive creatures to have as pets, dragon dogs, hell hounds, octo-cats, mothlions.  But only the most self-confident and domineering risk the most dangerous of pets, scythe-tails, hydra, manticore, creatures with both powers and rudimentary intelligence, ones that could actually pose a potential danger even to a dragon.

While other dragons take amusement in treating humanoids as pets.  Those that do like humans and visse are preferred for their shorter lifespans (compared to dwarves and elves) and often delight is dressing them in outlandish costumes.  Such pet are expected to excel at performances of various sorts to entertain their “owner” and guests.

Then, of course, there is the rare dragon that simply become obsessed with a particular kind of creature: horses, turtles, finches.  They spend their time managing, breeding and seeing that their pets are properly cared for.

This is all part of the status of dragons, they are above every law except Imperial Law.  Only dragons can judge other dragons.  From there on down, people are judged by their peers or superiors, nobles judge their own kind and those beneath them.  Some groups are outside of these chains, the Church of the Sun has its own hierarchy which is usually allowed to police itself, Guilds have their own rules and regulations, trying to keep everything in house.  As is usual, it is those on the bottom rugs who have little support or influence in the systems that dominates their life.

Notes: Caught up!  More ideas for adventures and things that people can be searching for (and a reason to try and capture monster rather than just kill them).  For more on the Imperial Judiciary here.

Image A zoo with giraffes, tigers, and a peacock. Coloured lithograph. Credit: Wellcome Collection. Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0).

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