Kingdoms and Knights (A to Z)

15 April, 2020

To be a QueenFor the most part, when the dragons seized power after the fall of the Gods, they simply inserted themselves at the top of whatever hierarchical system that existed in the lands they now owned.  For most system of rule, this worked well, for the few theocracies and republics, adjustments had to be made.  However, in the majority of states, the system of rule remained intact, it just all ultimately served a dragon.

Dragon liked kingdoms, they find them easy to understand and easy to negotiate with.  The dragon talks with the queen or king, who then get done what their draconic overlord wishes.  Easy for everyone, yes?  Well, no.  Dragons are not usually good on understanding the minutia of human interaction and have trouble understanding why things cannot be done as they wish and soon as they wish.  So being a queen or king under a dragon overlord is . . . stressful at best.

Equally, dragons understand knights, warriors sworn into service in exchange for lands and status.  Many dragons recruit their own knights, sworn into personal service in exchange for wealth and status, but the dragons expect absolute and unquestioning loyalty.  Many other knightly orders exist as well, serving kings and nobles, orders and faiths.

Notes: Another discussion of government types here.  Again, just general background and potential ways for characters to get into trouble.

Photo Portrait of Queen Elizabeth I at Wanstead Palace. Wellcome Collection license CC BY.

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