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Looms and Luck (A to Z, Tuesday Magic Item)

14 April, 2020

Weave your fateThe loom of fate is woven by powers that are not quite gods but certainly powerful in a way unique only to them.  Powerful enough that is is wise not to interfere with their work if you value the quality of your existence.  The thread of fate can be rewoven . . . or cut.

“What did the old weaver ask for?” asked Gollaon as they began their march out of town.

Voddick frowned.  “You will be unhappy with me, my friend.”

“Will I?”

“Yes, they asked for a lock of my hair,” said Voddick.  “Normally, not something I would give.  I know the way magic can be used, you have warned me enough.  But, perhaps foolishly, I trust the weaver and gave the lock.”

Gollaon chewed on his lip for a moment.  “I cannot say I am happy about that, but your sense of who to trust is rarely wrong.  If it was not so uncannily accurate we would not be here.  So, I will say no more on the matter.”

Loom of Luck

These looms are . . . looms, appropriate to whatever style is used in the region, there is some indication that they change is they are moved from area to area (or as styles change).  They are always well made and even if left in a dusty attic, they are ready to be used once dusted off.  It is believed that the fates made these loom, or had them made, for some purpose not obvious to mortal understanding.

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