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Kine and Kinship (A to Z)

13 April, 2020

Just a perfectly ordinary familyKine is the term used to group together creatures of a similar type, some of the larger groups in the Sea of Stars:

  • Dragonkine, all of the various types of dragons as well as those with draconic blood
  • Beastkine, those uplifted from animals by gods, magic or other events.
  • Earthkine, the elves and their closely related beings.
  • Gemkine, the dwarves.
  • Giantkine, the giants and their descendants.
  • Vissekine, created servitor race and similar beings.

Each of the groups are assumed to share certain characteristics, and it serves as a shorthand for defining (or stereotyping) the various types of being in the Sea of Stars; All Dragonkine are greedy, all Gemkine hard-working, and so on.

Before the Gods War, there was another kine that was widespread, the Godkine, those with divine blood in their veins.  Their numbers declined precipitously after the Sundering and they are vanishingly rare now.  The only new ones are the results of the Sun’s occasional dalliance.

But what you are is usually immaterial next to what family or group you belong to.  Guilds, trade houses, nobles families, churches, cults, and more.  Very few organizations place any restriction on what Kine belong to them, they are much more interested in success.  Some of the few that rely on species to screen their membership are the Sen’tek, who use it as a security measure, a few criminal organization, for the same reasons, and the exceedingly rare group based around the belief that their species is uniquely valuable.  Even the dwarves, who are organized into Clans around the gem-types they are tied to, recruit skilled craftpeople and specialists from outside the dwarven clanholds.  The Dragons have their Houses, none more powerful than the Imperial House, who are constantly seeking the talented and powerful people to increase the strength of the house.

Usually, once accepted into one of these groups, they are your family, and you are treated as such with all rights and responsibilities thereof.  Meeting a human who is all a member of the Ruby Dwarf Clan is usual but not unknown.  Draconic houses are notable catholic in the acquisition of useful and powerful individuals.  In other words, do not assume by stereotype what role a person may have because of their species.

Between what you and what group you are part of are nearly unlimited combination for adventure and advancement.

Notes: Just some thought about people and families in the Sea of Stars.

Photo ABC Television publicity photo of the Addams Family, found on Wikimedia Commons and is in the Pubic Domain.

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