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Effigies and Entombment (A to Z)

6 April, 2020

Abandoned?There are many tombs and effigies of the dead around the Sea of Stars though not many left untouched that predate the Sundering.  Depending on the dragonic overlords who took control of a territory on how their treated the ruins of the past world, some dismantled them for decorative building materials, other looted them for valuables and left smoking ruins behind, a vanishingly small number, hid them against future times of need.

The dragons themselves, in general, like effigies and statues and monuments to . . . themselves.  Other people can have them too, as long as they are on a smaller scale.  But dragons are not much for tombs, dragons know that -for them- death is final, they will only exist as memories, no reincarnation, no heaven, no hell, just nothing. They want monument that they can enjoy while they are still alive, obvious symbol of their power and wealth, as well as the skill and dedication of their subjects.

Simply put, most dragon do not make plans for what happens to them after death seeking to avoid such thoughts all together.  Equally, the family of dragons are not overly sentimental and are happy to convert their dead into valuable dragon bone, hide and other parts.  When there are draconic tombs, they are usually constructed by the followers of a dragon, and traditionally laced with traps, guardians and defensive magics.  Other dragons are loath to raid such tombs, they make them feel the icy claw of mortality too keenly, nor do they encourage others to do so.  In almost all cases, when a new Draconic House has taken control of territory containing a draconic tomb, they have continue to finance its guardians and maintain its outer defense.

Notes: Something to use as inspiration and a plot seed.

Photo Ancient Petra, Creator D-Stanley, used under License CC by 2.0.

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