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Carts and Carriages (A to Z)

3 April, 2020

Rolling rolling rollingThere is always the problem of how to get things, people, goods, supplies, from one place to another especially in the Sea of Stars.  The most efficient way  to transport materials remains on water (or the space between the stars for starships) but water, or space routes, do not exist to all places.

Of course, skyships can go just about anywhere but they are comparatively rare and expensive.  Making their use restricted to important and expensive cargoes.  Only a handful of powers can afford to keep more than one or two skyships for military purposes, the Imperial Fleet being one of them, their importance to trade is just too high.

But trade and transport must continue and so there are a wide variety of carts and carriage to transport things from place to place with the wide variety of pack animals that are available.  Two-wheeled, four wheeled or more (or less), rails or skis.  From the massive Village Wagons of the Zava Steppes to the uni-wheeled racing contraptions of Upper Tomat (the Lower Tomatians use two-wheeled racer pulled by goats).  Some cultures have turned wagons into mobile forts and use lagers of them chained together as strong points that can move (slowly) with an army.

Wagons carry goods to market, supplies to and from ships, and are near omnipresent in most cities and towns.  They are often the first and last link in a supply chain that may stretch across the entire Sea of Stars.

Wagon technology varies from region to regions, but the idea of using leather (or cloth) pads to make the ride smoother for the passengers is widespread.  The dwarves use springs, and those who have access to dwarven technology have been adopting them as well, as well as other advances to wagon technology.  Of course there are magical wagons, some times to increase durability, the aristocracy and the rich seek enhanced comfort and sometime you need a wagon you can carry easily.

In other words, there are wagons everywhere.  So common that the characters of the world mostly just ignore them as we do cars.  But there are some creatures that feast upon them so be care in your travels.

Notes: I should detail wagons and carts more when they appear in my campaign, I shall seek to do so from now on..

Photo WAGON WHEELS, Creator tombabich24, used under a CC by 2.0  License.


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