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A new April begins, March ends

31 March, 2020

April begins tomorrow with a day of tricks and misdirections, though in some ways it seems that the world has been playing enough cruel tricks on us this year, and, as such deception not being my specialty, do not expect anything clever from me.  But I hope to enjoy cheerful cleverness from others.

Through A to Z again!While April is obviously drawn from the name of the Roman month Aprilis however it is unclear where the Roman name comes from, it may refer to the opening (aperire) of buds and flowers as Spring arrives or in some way to the goddess Venus, to whom it is a sacred month, or something else.  We just do not know, such is the way of history.

I am again doing the the Blogging from A to Z Challenge for April, the theme will be “Interesting Things in the Sea of Stars” so if you have questions about my setting, please ask.

March, 2020, saw the following posts here:

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Tuesday Magic Item – Soldier’s Aid Kit

31 March, 2020

Keep body and soul togetherGollaon finished tying the bandage on the unconscious soldier and leaned back against the wall.  “I am pleased that our employers values their soldiers enough to provide them with these kits.”

Voddick nodded.  “A farsighted choice but as they are a republic, it makes sense.  Keeping your citizens alive is good policy and good politics.”

“Even dictators should learn that lesson but they do not.  Thinking they can expend people without care or repercussions . . .”

“We try to be better people,” said one of the soldiers.  “We treat their wounded when we can as well.”

“That is as it should be,” said Voddick and Gollaon nodded.

Soldier’s Aid Kit

These compact kits, usually of leather, contain the minimum amount of material to treat wounds, magically enhanced bandages, needle, cat gut, and perhaps an analgesic in power or pill form but little more.  Easy to carry and easy to use.

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