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Tuesday Magic Item – Chain of Dreams

24 March, 2020

Chain your dreams tohgetherVoddick adjusted the chain around his neck.  “A kind gift for our services,” he said.

Gollaon slipped his under his shirt.  “Did you notice that each has a link from the other chain?”

Voddick nodded.  “An interesting stylistic choice.  To show our friendship I thought.”

“That and more, it ties the two together.  They guard your dream and fortify your sleep,” said Voddick.  “The more links you share with other, the stronger the protection.  Some say you can even pass messages between linked wearers in dreams.”

“Then it is an even kinder gift than I thought.” 

Chain of Dreams

These chains are made from links of precious metal, usually copper or silver, occasionally electrum, marked with runes of protection and promoting restful sleep and good dreams.  While the chain starts off with all of the links being the same type but with permission of their owner, two link from different chains can swap places.

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