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New Magic Item – Equinox Bracers

21 March, 2020

BalanceVoddick checked his weapons and adjusted his armor.  “Well, it will be an interesting challenge.”

Gollaon finished polishing his knife and slipped it into its sheath.  “Truth.  It is not often we are asked to assist a champion.”

“Though I am not exactly certain what were are assisting them in fighting,” Voddick said as he set a bolt in his crossbow.

“Given the pay and the equipment provided, something unpleasant.”

“Well, nothing new there.”

“And it should be a good story for caging drinks from people,” said Gollaon, clasping his friends shoulder.

Equinox Bracers

These bracers are made of silver and inlaid in white and black materials forming contrasting but balanced patterns.  They remain clean and visible even in the worst conditions.

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