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Adventure Report – Storybooks and Witches

17 March, 2020

So, every three to four weeks, I run D&D at my local game store (Tyche’s Games in Athens, GA, come by and visit) as part of our Friday Night Initiative program to let people try roleplaying games.  This last game was just really fun so I wanted to write it up so that other people could enjoy.

We had nine(!) players, four returned, five new to the game (of those three new to D&D entirely) and the campaign is Sea of StarsPetrichor, the hexcrawl part of the world.

Crystal MountainsThe existing group was on a mission to find a missing cousin who was last seen heading for the crystal mountains, the new group was venturing to the crystal mountains in search of (surprise) valuable crystals.

The original group was just coming out of the village of Yarrow when they were spotted by the new arrivals.  A few members of each group had noticed that the horizon low looked like a painted backdrop, like a stage set or an illustration in a book.  They meet and talk.  A raven lands on one of their shoulders.  Just in time to hear the thump, thump, thump of heavy steps as a two-headed giant approached the village.  He (they?) is not armed and is here only to collect butter from the village, they two heads are Nog and Tog and they are quite chatty.  Before leaving, with his butter, he drops a bag with a loud clank saying “You will need these.”  Inside were nine pairs of iron shoes, matching the size of the characters feet . . .  The original group took the new members to the place where (last session) they found a blood trail leading to a body which Kron, giantblooded barbarian, decapitated and the body turned to paper and blew away.  The blood trail then turned to a narration of the event.  No one knew what to make of this.

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Tuesday Magic Item – Plague-Slaying Blade

17 March, 2020

Strike at the heart of the diseaseVoddick and Gollaon paced behind the paladin and her glowing blade.  Voddick leaned in to his friend and whispered, “She does not seem like she needs protecting to me.”

“I hope you are right,” replied Gollaon, also whispering, “the worry would be that this disease is not just a run of the mill outbreak and masterminded by some force or being.”

Voddick shivered.  “I could go a lifetime without fighting plague wraiths again.”


Plague-Slaying Blade

These weapon are usually swords, but the occasion polearm has been made, the blades are of gleaming steel decorated with sigils of health and wards against disease often in gold or silver.  The grips are usually wrapped in white leather or linen.

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