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Tuesday Magic Item – Soldiers’ Stew Pot

3 March, 2020

Smells goodVoddick tucked into the bowl of stew with gusto.  “Well, back to the army life.  At least this one is good about getting us food.”

Gollaon nodded and ate a spoonful of stew.  “We will see how well they manage with the supplies once we are properly on campaign.”

“Better than most,” said Voddick and gestured to the stew pots.  “Do you not recognize those?”

Gollaon looked and laughed.  “Ah!  Some of Tavish the Wizard-Chef’s work!  That should make things a bit easier on everyone.”  He leaned in.  “And something we should take with us if things fall apart,” he whispered.

Soldiers’ Stew Pot

These stew pots are well made and occasionally decorated but usually they just bear a prominent mark from their maker.  Even after having been in storage they still smell of a recently prepared warm meal.

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