Superheroes – Out of the 1960s – A Campaign Statblock

12 February, 2020


This is a more focused pitch for the first part of my Superheroes – Tomorrow and Today idea for a campaign.

Superheroes – Out of the 1960s

It is a time of difficulty and change, the US is locked in an endless war with an implacable enemy spending blood and money fighting in foreign fields, technology is changing rapidly and changing how we view the world, the generations are in conflict over what direction the country is going, radicals on the left and right are tearing the nation apart . . . It is the 1960s . . . (and what does the future hold?)

A brave group of new heroes gather together to build a better future out of the chaos of a changing world.

Setting: This will be set in a version of the real world but with superheroes and all the craziness that entails, starting in 1967 with repercussions for the future
• Continuity: Episodic with arcs.
• Rating: PG in general with Silver Age sensibilities and teen angst, but will engage with social issues that plague the US and the world.
• Style: Adventure, investigation and combat with social interaction.
• Tone: Mixed investigation with action-adventure.

Rules: Masks: A New Generation.
• Power Level: Teen Heroes

Characters: All heroes, they can be reluctant heroes but no anti-heroes or villains, legitimate heroes all.
• Character History: A paragraph or two about who your character is and where they are from would be welcome plus the material in the playbook.
• Starting Power Level: As per system used.

Where do we Play?: As part of our usual weekly rotation of games.
• Down Times: Players are welcome to have their character undertake tasks between games, communication via written notes or email for such so it does not slow down our limited face to face gaming time.  Some of this is also built into Masks and certain playbooks.

Notes: Before we see who the heroes of the 60s inspire, we need to have the heroes.  So, if this goes well, I hope to build it into the Tomorrow and Today framework.

Naturally, this is set in the same timeline as Heroes Incorporated, but those stories or only as canon as back issues are in the comic.  In other words, what came before is only a mutable framework for this campaign.

Art: Mekano by Daniel Irizarri.  Image originally found at Project: Rooftop which I cannot recommend highly enough as a source for inspiration.  Though it has not updated much recently.  (which seems to have dropped offline, luckily the Internet Achieves still has it)

Also, the link to DriveThruRPG are affiliate links and if you buy anything through them I get a small amount.

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