Tuesday Magic Item – Cabinet of Repairs

11 February, 2020

Broken things in . . .Voddick sorted his broken bolts.  “See, I told you it was worthwhile collecting them.”

“Well, how was I to know that you were friends with a magical repairer?” replied Gollaon checking his arrows for breaks.

“Well,” Voddick leaned in, “not so much a friend as a distant cousin.  He has always been considered a little shady by my side of the family.”

“Ah,” nodded Gollaon, “that explains much.  So, we should be careful?”

Voddick nodded back.

Cabinet of Repairs

These cabinets come is a variety of shapes and sizes but are always well made, some are fancy, others are practical for hard use and travel.  The secrets to their manufacture has spread far and rise and they are very popular among armies, large households and traveling tinkers.

Anything broken placed in the cabinet, is repaired as though subject to a mending spell.  Except it will repair an object missing up to one eighth of its mass but such a repaired item will fail, catastrophically, in later use.

Any once living body placed in it, will be repaired and reanimated, but not by its original soul but by a malicious spirit.  This is not recommended.

Aura moderate transmutation; CL 9th
Slot none; Price 5,000; Weight 20+ lb
Construction Requirements
Craft Wondrous Item, fabricate, mending, summon monster V; Cost 2,500

For D&D 5E:

Wondrous item (cabinet), rare (requires attunement)

As above.

Notes: Inspired by one of the magical keys in Locke & Key on Netflix and then, twisted a bit.  I imagine them being used by unscrupulous tinkers until some sad child puts their dead and broken cat inside . . .

Photo Refrigerator – Kelvinator, Photographer: Charlotte Smith, Source: Museums Victoria, Copyright Museums Victoria / CC BY (Licensed as Attribution 4.0 International).

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