Heroes Inc – Summaries of Issue 21 and 22

10 February, 2020

Heroes Incorporated, Summaries of Issues 21 and 22

(This story is refined as part of a “secret files” collection published in the 1990s filling in some continuity gaps.  It was decided by the players and the GM to be far to violent and dark to have been part of the ‘official’ 1960s continuity.)

“Fires of the New Sun”

The Heroes Inc team (Playboy, Human Jackrabbit, Plasma-man and the Cleaning Agent) are in Tokyo for the Olympics.  While at a dinner party, which includes the Soviet and Red Chinese representatives, it is attacked by a group of New Sun (Japanese) nationalists in powered armor who are trying the kill the communists.

The team stops them, but at great cost as the armor is equipped with ‘kamikaze’ bombs which exploded when the wearer was knocked unconscious.  Many guests were wounded after the first two attackers were killed, forcing the heroes to careful contain the others until the rest of the guests could be removed from the scene. [The Human Jackrabbit was able to use his new mega-scale running to get the wounded people to the hospital.]

Issue 21: Dragons of California

The Heroes (Playboy, Kid Comic and Plasma-Man) are in California visiting Diamond Industries plants and speaking at various functions.  At an American Legion meeting, a costumed vigilante named Nagimaki shows up requesting the team’s help in stopping a shipment of ‘Dragon’s Blood’ a new opium derivative being smuggled in by the Triads.  She gives a sample to Jack, who takes it to the local Diamond chemical labs to be analyzed (it is a mixture of refined opium and ‘an unidentified organic substance’).

Jack agrees to help.  Nagimaki leads the team to a warehouse near the docks and the team assaults the warehouse.  With the help of Nagimaki they defeat the Triad goods (armed with SMGs) and two ‘Dragon-men’.  When they investigate the goons, they find that they have patches of skin replaced by scales.

Jack gives Nagimaki a Heroes Inc communicator then she slips away before the police show up.

Issue 22: The King of Cold

NYC coldIt is Christmas time in New York.  Janice comes in and asks Jack if he is going to attend the White House Christmas party, Jack replies that he will but he intends to return to NY on Christmas eve.  Janice looks over his shoulder and out the window. “Funny,” she says, “the weather report said it was going to clear today.”  Jack turns to look out into a blizzard.

The team then receives a call from the lobby of the Empire State saying that the doors have been frozen shut.  The team (Playboy, Kid Comic and Plasma-man) descend to melt a way out through six feet of ice and snow.  They find that the blizzard has almost blown out and that a snowcat (tracked vehicle) was retreating away.  The team follows and catch the snowcat (which uses ice based weapons to try and escape).  They question the driver and find out they work for the King of Cold who is using the storm and ice to stage a massive robbery.

Jack and Kid Comic ride in the snowcat while Plasma-man flew to the scene of the robbery.  There they find a squad of men in arctic clothing looting Tiffany’s directed by a man in dark blue and white powered armor.  Seeing the heroes, he orders most of his men to take their loot and flee, while he and a squad of frost weapon armed goons fight the heroes.

The fight does not go the heroes way, after a classic ice versus fire blasts negating each other, Plasma-man is taken down by two powerful cold attacks.  The goons absorb some attacks but manage to do very little damage.  Elaine Elizabeth shows up on the scene and manages to take down one of the goons on her own!    Jack and Kid Comic try (and fail) a coordinated attack and are then blasted by the King of Cold, a second coordinated attack hits but does not quite finish the King off.  His counter attack does finish our heroes though, leaving the King of Cold victorious at the end of the comic!

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Notes: And that is the end of the Heroes Incorporated saga, on a cliffhanger, the players scattered to the winds soon after and the campaign ended.  But the Campaign world continued with: The New Atlantians and the LA Stars.

Photo from Vintage Everyday, copyright (or lack thereof) unknown.

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