Heroes Inc – Rebel: The Untold Story

9 February, 2020

Rebel Special 1 – Rebel: the Untold Story

Warner Bros present . . .Cover: Rebel looking back over his shoulder as he steps through the gates of Warner Brothers Studios. A speech balloon from rebel says, “Are you ready to learn the truth?” Splashed across the bottom, “Rebel’s Secret Origin Revealed for the First Time!”

The scene: Hollywood, late June to early July 1963. Rebel has gone west to Warner Brothers Studios, Hollywood, to star in his first feature film, his origin story entitled, Rebel: The Untold Story. The opening scenes in the comic are of Rebel flying in front of the Hollywood sign, Rebel at Gruman’s Chinese Theater, Rebel at the Brown Derby, and so on.

Rebel first works with WB Studios animation department, having a cameo in a Bugs Bunny cartoon which is being specially made to accompany Rebel’s movie (“Rabbit without a Cause“?). So, Rebel gets to meet Mel Blanc (the man of a thousand voices).

Then off to work at the studio itself where he meets Tinker Belle (former member of Industrial Champions) who is working as a special effects advisor on the film. It is decided that the RobotenGorilla will be done with stop-motion animation and matted into the combat scene. Tinker Belle gets help from Rebel (only a very little) in making the 54-40 suit look like the actual suit. Jack Diamond and Spymaster are going to fly out and do cameos for the end of the film. The film chronicles Rebel’s early life and origin, dressing him up as a bad boy with a heart of gold. In other worlds, the film version of Rebel’s life only coincidentally resembled Rebel’s actual life.

In the comic, the scenes of Rebel’s film life would be contrasted with scenes from Rebel’s actual life. The comic would be the complete retelling of Rebel’s origin, including information that Rebel himself does not know. Such as the true origin of his powers lie in the enhanced nicotine cigarettes that were tested on him rather than the exposure to the strange radiation of a meteorite as Rebel believes (and the Black Label company set up for that exact reason).

On one of the last few days of filming (before Jack and Spymaster arrive) there is an explosion from the sound stage next door (17, R:tUS is being filmed on Sound Stage 16) which is WB’s experimental television stage. Rebel dashes out to see two men in costumes (who Rebel actually makes a roll to recognize, Sounds and Pictures, a pair of English paranormal villains) carrying a large case of electronics out of Studio 17 towards a waiting van.

Beatiful (mock) Downtown BurbankAs Rebel begins to fly towards them, he watches Pictures materialize a black and white revolver in his hand and blast down a studio security guard. “Keep back,” Pictures shouts to Rebel. Rebel ignores the warning and flies straight into another blast from Pictures knocking him back into a pile of props. Pictures breaks for the van following Sound, another shot at Rebel foiled as his gun dissolves in a burst of Static. Rebel picks up a wagon wheel from the prop pile and chucks it at Pictures bouncing it off him. Picture climes into the van and Sounds begins to drive off.

Rebel leaps into the air and lands on the roof of the van, he grabs the edge of the roof and peels it back to expose Pictures and Sound in the cab. “Haven’t you heard, I’m the hero,” quipped Rebel. With one punch, Rebel knocked Sounds to the floor of the cab. Pictures materializes a black and white baseball bat and whacked Rebel, knocking him into the cab. Rebel tore up the gear shift and said, “Shifts over for you” as he swung at Pictures (and missed).

A flurry of blows were exchanged. Sounds tried to zap Rebel from the floorboard and was knocked unconscious by Rebel’s return blow. Rebel slammed on the breaks which threw Pictures out of the cab of the van where Tinker Belle hit him with a television jammer which put him down for the count.

“Good work, Rebel,” said Tinker Belle standing over the unconscious body of Pictures. “I figured as he seemed to draw power from the UHF band if I jammed the signal, he would be affected.”

After a long pause, Rebel said, “Um, yeah. You did a good job too.”

The studio police arrived to take Sounds and Pictures away. The filming of Rebel: the Untold Story was completed. Jack and Spymaster came out for their cameos. Jack Warner (or the current studio head) presented Rebel with the wagon wheel that he had used against Pictures with an engraved brass plaque on the hub. (However, Sounds and Pictures mysteriously disappeared from their cells before their trail.)

Final page: Rebel getting out of a limousine at the Hollywood premier of Rebel: the Untold Story. Teenage fans are everywhere. (After this Rebel’s Reputation changes from corporate stooge 8- to Teen Idol 11-.)

Sideways to Issue 5!

To Rebel’s Interview with Teen Beat Magazine.

Back to Heroes Inc Roll Call.

Notes: The one and only solo session of the campaign, I cannot remember why it happened but it was fun.

Images: Warner Bros logo, c 1923, is used without permission.  “The Burbank Studios, 1979” by Alan Light is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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