Heroes Inc – Summaries of Issues 12 to 15

28 January, 2020

Heroes Incorporated, Summaries of Issues Twelve through Fifteen (April – June 1964)

Issue 12: Dinosaurs in Time Square!
Appearing in this issue: Playboy, Kid Comic, Human Jackrabbit, Plasma-Man, Lt. Steele (full members), Caretaker/ Gravedigger (guest hero).

Villains: Various Dinosaurs.

See Annual Zero for complete write up.

Issue 13: The Clown Prince’s House of Fun.
Appearing in this issue: Playboy, Kid Comic, Human Jackrabbit, Plasma-Man, Lt. Steele (full members), Night Cat (guest hero).

Welcome to the House of FunVillains: the Clown Prince, Master M, Grandeur.

Night Cat guest stars long enough to warn Jack that the Clown Prince is in New York. The Clown Prince kidnaps Billy’s sister, Plasma-Man’s girlfriend, Elaine Elizabeth (girl reporter) and Torch and threatens to kill them (on live television) unless Heroes Inc can stop him. The characters successfully track him to an abandoned fun house on Coney Island. The characters storm in and confront the Clown Price on live television, the hostages and rescued and Jack tricks the Clown Prince into falling into a one of his own traps (a pit of mechanical crocodiles) but no body is recovered.

Issue 14: The Grandmaster Returns: Gambit One.
Appearing in this issue: Playboy, Kid Comic, Human Jackrabbit, Plasma-Man, SpyMaster (full members).

Villains: the Grandmaster (off-stage), the Betrayed (White Dragon [team leader], Burden, Enchained, the Grip, Indian Giver, and Tarnish.)

A wounded SpyMaster arrives bleeding from a spear thrust at Heroes Inc and passes out, the only clue, a black chess pawn in his hand. The characters treat Spymaster and he informs them that the Grandmaster has organized a second team of paranormals and is planning a major attack, but he does not know where. Janice, the team secretary, then arrives with an invitation from LBJ for Jack to join him for a press op. At the press op, LBJ is asked all sorts of troubling question (“Why do you support the South Vietnamese government that uses torture against it own people?” and things like that). LBJ is getting increasingly irate when the villains reveal themselves and arrest LBJ for crimes against humanity! Natural, Heroes Inc must intervene. A fight ensues, the Heroes win, but not before Jack and White Dragon cross verbal swords on matters of ideology. Four of the Betrayed are captured (everyone but White Dragon and Tarnish) and the President is saved. But what other plots does the Grandmaster have in store . . .

Issue 15: Threat from Space!
Appearing in this issue: Playboy, Kid Comic, Plasma-Man, and Lt. Steele. Cameos by: Human Jackrabbit and Rebel. Introducing: Jade Dragon and Sirius.

Villains: Consolidation Special Forces lead by Stellar Commander Storr.

Opening page: Human Jackrabbit guest-starring on Rebel’s show during a stop over on his way to Tokyo, Japan. Next page: Jade Dragon looking up the outside of the Empire State Building. Jade Dragon, a Japanese national, is visiting Heroes Inc while Human Jackrabbit visits Japan in a goodwill exchange. His first mission, help the team investigate an alien landing in New Jersey (near Princeton). What the local NJ Police had found was an abandoned escaped pod, and a dog with a briefcase. Strangely, the dog had a tag identifying him as Jack Diamond’s dog . . .

Jack took the opportunity and ran with it, taking the dog to a nearby Diamond Industries facility as a trio of delta-shaped ships landed. The Diamond Industries Security Unit slowed down the aliens while the heroes talked with the good alien to find out what was happening (he assumed human form, starting with Adolf Hitler, the first tv image). The Heroes helped by the still unnamed alien (“We could call him Dogstar?” “You can’t be Siris?”) defeated the bad aliens (the Consolidation) and whisked him to safety.

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Notes: Nor do I recall why I did not do full write ups of these games either.  Apart from the Clown Prince game not working out anywhere near as well as I had hoped.

Photo: Fun house ride, Century 21 Exposition, Seattle, Washington, 1962., from the Seattle Municipal Archives, found on Wikimedia Commons and used under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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