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New MinuteMen (Heroes Inc) – Issue 3 – Master of the Air

24 January, 2020

The New Minutemen, Issue Three (May 1963)

-The name of the team is still yet subject to change-

Appearing in this issue: Our Heroes, Full Members of the Team: PLAYBOY, Rebel, and Torch (of Liberty).  Probationary Members: Kid Comic.

Master of the Air
Visit Bodega Bay!Opening page: Jack Diamond a.k.a. Playboy surveys Bodega Bay, California, flanked by two US Marines armed with shotguns. The town is badly damaged, wrecked vehicles, and the bodies of dead birds are everywhere. “What has happened here?” thinks Jack.(1)

Next page: New York City, 17th April 1963. Outside of Spin Records, Billy (Kid Comic’s secret ID) and his sister waits in line, with a crowd of other teeny boppers, to have her copy of the “Rebel’s Yells” album jacket autographed by Rebel. Rebel had been plagued by a headache all day, but bravely showed up to please his fans.

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