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New MinuteMen (Heroes Inc) – Issue 2 – Flight of the Valkyrie

23 January, 2020

The New Minutemen, Issue Two (March 1963)

-The name of the team is still subject to change-

The Empire State Building, home to Heroes Inc HQAppearing in this issue:
Our Heroes, Full Members of the Team: Playboy, Rebel, and Torch (of Liberty).  Probationary Members: Kid Comic and X.

CriME in Progress
The Scene: New York City. The Date: 4 February 1963.
Starring: Playboy, Rebel and Torch.

Playboy and Rebel are seeing to the refitting of the base. [The team’s base is the former Minutemen’s HQ at the top of the Empire State Building.] Diamond industry is providing the latest electronics for the team. The Red, White and Blue hotlines had just been installed (the Red connects with President Kennedy, the White is for general government emergencies and the Blue is for the NYPD) when the Blue phone rings. It is the chief of Police informing Rebel that the nearby branch of the First Bank of NY is being robbed by the Hard Three group of supervillain.

Our heroes take the express elevator to the ground floor and roar off to the scene of the crime. Arriving at the bank they pile in and finds three super-villains: Bazooka (guess his theme), Hard Case (strong and tough with a ‘tinker bell’ effect force field) and Zipper (superfast ex-roller derby queen). Three thugs with SMGs backed up the Hard Three.

The battle started badly with Hard Case almost one-punching Rebel. Torch flew into help. Playboy took down Zipper with a throw. The characters managed to take down the villains, but only after Rebel had been shot in the arm (Hard Case took the longest to put down).

Rebel’s big victory was to convince Torch to accompany him for a romantic dinner. Cut to: Read the rest of this entry ?


New MinuteMen (Heroes Inc) – Issue 1 – A New Era Begins!

23 January, 2020

The New Minutemen, Issue One (January 1963)

The name of the team is subject to change– (1)

Our Heroes: PLAYBOY, Rebel, Spymaster, and 54-40.

Guest Starring those World War Two heroes: MinuteMan and MinuteMaid.

The Scene: New York City. The Date: 15 January 1963.

What a city!Playboy’s evening is interrupted by a phone call. It’s a voice he hasn’t heard in a decade, MinuteMaid. “Jack,” she says, “I need your help. Minuteman has been kidnapped.”
“I’m on my way. Where do we meet?”
MinuteMaid gives him an address in NYC. Pulling on his dressing gown, Playboy apologizes to his ‘date’ and gets dressed. Hopping in his custom Mustang (with car phone and custom reel-to-reel stereo), he set off for the address.

Rebel is coming out of a swanky NYC nightclub when vaulting over the head of the assembled reporters comes MinuteMaid. “Rebel,” she says, “I need your help.”
Rebel smiles for the cameras, draws out and lights a cigarette. “Sure, what’s the problem?”
“We can’t talk here.”
Rebel scoops her up and flies off, making sure the cameras get a good angle.

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Heroes Inc – Introduction and Roll Call!

23 January, 2020

As it looks like I may be CHing a new supers campaign (see the pitch here), I thought it was time to revisit my earlier (successful) superheroic campaigns.

Here is the Original game framework:

Champions of the 1960s – Background

Torch of LibertyA new age of heroes is emerging, the fifties have ended and a new age is beginning. It is a four-color age, heroes are heroes and larger than life. Patriotism is in vogue and America is the greatest nation on the Earth. The House Un-American Activities Commission has wound down, the Red Scare is now receding or is it?

America is changing, the children of the baby boom are maturing into adults. New political and social ideas are emerging, the old consensus is changing.

The Industrial Champions (the US superteam of the 1950s) have just disbanded following the death of Radio Hero from a heart attack. The Captain of Industry has gone to the Pentagon as an advisor on the development of powered armor. Detroit Motor, Sparks and the Super Car continue to tour the United States. Tinker Belle has retired from the public eye. Union Suit remains a hero and has become a regular on the Union speaker circuit.

Challenger has emerged as the protector of the streets of New York. The vigilante Gang Buster strive to keep the criminals of Chicago in line. The Night Cat continues to patrol Boston. Pacific Sun uses her high flying ways to protect San Francisco.

Briefly, there were fears in the US of a “hero gap” after the Industrial Champions team disbanded. For a short time the Soviet Union had a super team, the New Future, and America did not. But America now has Heroes Incorporated, led by Jack Diamond (aka Playboy) head of Diamond Industries.

Current Members of HEROES INC (name in bold indicate founding members) Read the rest of this entry ?

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