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Tuesday Magic Item – Wagon Box

21 January, 2020

Boxes into wagons to carry boxes . . .Voddick set the box down and mopped his brow.  “I know there is a cunning plan here somewhere.”

“I believed so,” said Gollaon, resting his box against a tree.  “Get all of this to graneries where we will be met by the other group leading oxen they have liberated from the local villages.  Turn boxes into wagons, load the grain and be gone before the baddies realize we had the ability to empty them.”

“That makes some sort of sense,” replied Voddick, shouldering his box again.

“Let us hope that the enemy is complacent as they want.”


Wagon Box

These heavy wooden boxes are usually marked with runes of travel and building.  Set down and activated by a command word, they unfold into a wagon, much larger and heavier than they box itself.  Usually, they are transport wagons but some, such as the Dwarves of Clan Jet, have used the same magic to transport war chariots.  Depending on the magic used, the wagon may be short lived or they may be able to be returned to their box form.

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